Equines are a huge part of our lifestyle and always will be. We use our stock for gathering cattle, ropings, summer rodeos and trail rides. We have acquired a few mares that we plan on turning into a small breeding program. Our mares are influenced by Blue Valentine/Hancock breeding. We believe these are very versatile horses carrying heavy bone and great dispositions. Sometime in the future we will breed our heavier built mares to mammoth jacks to produce some really nice mules.  We have plans in the future to add a breeding Mammoth Jack and just recently added a breeding stallion to our program! 

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Nigerian Dwarf goats originated from West Africa. Originally they were transported on ships as food for captured carnivores being brought to zoos. Since then they have become one of the most popular milk breeds due to their friendly dispositions and large production of milk for their size. A 22" tall goat is able to produce 2 quarts of milk a day, with the possibility of milking year round. They also produce some of the highest butter fat making their milk great for cheese and soaps. After a lot of research we decided this was the best breed for our program.  Our herd is clean of Johnnes, CAE, CL. Our herd is double registered through AGS and ADGA. The reason we started our adventure with dairy goats was to get as far away from commercially raised animals and food as we could while providing our family with dairy. Our goal is to raise animals in their natural state, consuming free range forage on grass pastures, building up immunity systems by not over medicating, avoid mass worming to help naturally build a resistance to parasites and watching mothers care for their young. Our herd is raised as all natural as possible. We strive for milk production and good mothers over any other qualities, no babies will ever be pulled from mothers and bottle fed unless absolutely necessary. Check out our goat page! 

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We are a young married couple living the homestead life in North East Kansas. Our small homestead consists of egg chickens, meat chickens, milk goats, horses, mules, the occasional butcher hog and several dogs and cats! We also help our family out with their cow/calf operation and hope to obtain enough land in the future to raise our own beef.  It is our dream to build up a small homestead and be as self sufficient as possible. Our goal is to raise a family with these principles.


 We have recently built up a small registered Nigerian Dwarf herd backed with some really nice dairy lines. We are producing animals that will excel in the show pen and provide dairy for the whole family! Nigerians make awesome companion animals as well as produce some of the best milk, being one of the highest milk fat producers of all goat breeds. Plus they come in such a cute little package being only 22 inches tall at the withers. Check out our herd sires and does.

We are also in the process of building up a small quarter horse program, and hope to raise registered mules in the future. Our goal is to raise an all around ranch horse/mule that will excel in the arena and on the ranch while looking good doing it all! We hope to focus on Blue Valentine/Hancock while outcrossing on some other proven bloodlines.  



Austin & Donnie Winter

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