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Our daughter’s story and how she has inspired us to get back to a natural and holistic way of life with our small little homestead.

Most of our followers know that our daughter basically lived in and out of the hospitals for her first 1.5 years of life. From being born premature at only 30 weeks gestation and weighing only 2 lbs. at birth and receiving an after-birth diagnosis of trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) it was inevitable to have some have some medical hurdles during her first years of life. Her premature birth caused her to be in the NICU for close to 4 months. Unfortunately, that was only the beginning of her medical challenges.

Shortly after discharging from the NICU, our daughter developed horrific seizures in the spring of 2021. For the next 5 months of her life, we tried several drugs to stop the seizures that placed us back in the hospital over and over. Sadly, these drugs took a huge toll on our daughter’s body and may have caused even more types of seizures to break thru. We were caught in a medical nightmare that placed her in a complete vegetative state and still had several seizures a day. There were many months that went by where the light in our daughter’s eyes was gone, there were no smiles, no laughs, no muscle tone anymore and absolutely no personality. It was a time where her quality of life was being robbed from her and we feared we had lost who our baby was forever. This also was the time where we found out how to be the advocates we needed to be for our special needs daughter.

After many front-line drugs failing our daughter and her seizure disorder, we decided to start looking for root causes of her health issues vs masking the symptoms. This was the turning point of a lifestyle that we always wanted to live. Hours of research and several consultations with holistic naturopaths led us to implementing a toxic free and natural diet for our daughter. We learned most of our mass-produced food is full of toxic items that harm the gut and brain. Everything we feed our body fuels our brain and unfortunately, we were fueling our daughter’s body with harmful food and medicines that were contributing to her seizures. We cut out all unnatural gut drugs like MiraLAX and antacids, fed her body with only organic whole foods, added organic CBD oil without THC and her seizure disorder stopped within two weeks and we are currently seizure free since September 2021.

Extensive research taught us that misbalancing the gut and its natural bacteria causes a horrible ripple effect on how the brain is fueled. We also learned that while MiraLAX is FDA approved, it is not FDA approved for children and not approved for long time use. Our research led us to many other parents who had adverse effects with their children on specific gut drugs like MiraLAX and antacids that caused neurological issues with their children. After seeing how fast Charlie’s seizures stopped with a simple process of going back to a natural diet her body was designed to digest, we started our new and forever journey of getting back to a natural way of life.

I’m here to tell you that our daughter would probably not be here today if it wasn’t for modern medicine. We still take her to several specialist for her medical challenges, including a cardiologist to monitor her pacemaker for her heart. However, I do believe our modern system turns to pharmaceuticals that will hide the symptoms rather than looking for root causes that sometimes can be fixed with something as simple as diet. I am no doctor or health professional or giving medical advice, but rather sharing our story with others who may be going thru similar challenges.

We are thrilled that Charlie beat her seizure disorder, however there are significant delays she experiences now either due to the seizures or the sedative meds she was prescribed. We recently started making huge progress on her development with a new neurodevelopmental program and adding some supplements that are specific to people with Down Syndrome, but that is a story for another day! Today we enjoy every moment we have with her and cherish these smiles we once lost!

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Jan 02, 2023


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