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Below is a sales policy outlining the purchase of a goat from our program to protect buyer and seller. Also outlined is a brief summary of how we manage our herd. 

We do not accept reservations or payments on any unborn animals. We have a waiting list for potential breedings / crosses. This list is a first come first serve list. After an animal is born, a non-refundable deposit of half of the purchase price is required to hold any animal within one week of animal being born or animal will be offered to the next potential buyer.  Remainder balance is due at pick up in cash form. If something were to happen to said animal on our property before new owner pick up, deposit would be refunded or another animal of similar value will be offered in it's place.  If something were to happen to said animal in it's new home, seller is not responsible for a refund or replacement animal as the animal is no longer in our care. All of our goats will be register-able with ADGA and disbudded,  baby goats will be sold with applications. We can leave goats horned if desired but need to know within 3 days of birth for bucks and 7 days of birth for does, we do not guarantee scurs to not appear at a later date for disbudded animals. Baby goats are weaned at 12 weeks, we keep all baby goats for another 2 weeks after weaning to ensure no sickness occurs during the stressful time of weaning and the transition of a new diet. Our herd of goats is free from CAE, CL and Johnes through testing and preventative care. We will only sell goats in pairs or to a home already consisting of goats. Goats are herd animals and must have a companionOur goal is to raise animals in their natural state, consuming free range forage on grass pastures, building up immunity systems by not over medicating, avoid mass worming to help naturally build a resistance to parasites and watching mothers care for their young. Our herd is raised as all natural as possible. We strive for milk production and good mothers over any other qualities, all of our baby goats will be dam raised unless circumstances require us to intervene for the health of the baby and/ or mother. All baby goats will be up to date on CDT shots, administered Cocci treatment if needed, and wormed on day of departure. All of our goats have a diet of free range grass and/or alfalfa or grass hay with free choice minerals. We feed our does in milk our own recipe of grain consisting of a mixture of whole oats, sunflower seeds, beet pulp shreds, and fat rice bran. Weaned goats will be started on a feed that contains rumensin to help prevent coccdiosis. It is encouraged for new goats to continue our feed program in their new home for a few weeks to avoid any stress to their digestive track. The transition to a different feed program needs to be gradual and slow especially in introducing any kind of grain to avoid colic to the animal. 

Buyer is responsible for transportation.  Buyer is also responsible for vet health records required for each state they are traveling through. We guarantee the health of our animal at time of departure, when animal is picked up or delivered buyer agrees animal is in good health and has become entirely their responsibility going forward and seller is no longer liable for health of animal from that point on. We strongly encourage personal pick up of animal over outside transportation options. If buyer does decide to go with outside transportation, the transporter and new owner become responsible and liable for animal from time of pick up and on and agree seller is no longer liable for the health of the animal. We cannot guarantee what happens during outside transportation due to outside elements. Times of stress, including moving cause weakened immune systems and possibility of sickness, increased parasite load, coccidiosis and more. It is the buyers responsibility after pick up ( outside transporter or personal pick up ) and/ or delivery to monitor their new animal closely and watch for any signs of oncoming sickness. We encourage a time of quarantine for all new animals before introducing them to the rest of your herd for the safety of the new animal and your herd.  We reserve the right to retain any animal at any given time. We also reserve the right to cancel a sale and refund a deposit if we believe it is in the animal's best interest. We cannot guarantee the animal's end conformation and/or dairy production after leaving our farm. Many elements such as care and feed of the animal can have changes on how the animal matures. By placing a deposit on an animal, buyer agrees to the above terms. 

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