Senior Does


Critter grove c's nicole

S: Prairie Wood CG's Caesar

SS: Prairie Wood Palace Blues

SD: Prairie Wood Desert Rosie

D: Prairie Wood CG's Breezin Bella

DS: GCH Lost Valley KW Orion +B

DD: Nizhoni's Summer Breeze


Buckskin with moonspots, blue eyes. Nicole is one of our top milkers with a beautiful, soft udder that is lovely to milk. 


Dill's CH Merlot

S: Dill's B & R Church *B

SS: SG Dill's RD Big & Rich ++*B Elite

SD: SGCH Dill's BF Glamour 4*M   91 VEEE

D: Dill's BH Fiesty 3*M  91 VEEE

DS: Promisedland CP Bounty Hunter +B

DD: GCH Dill's AC Tranquility 2*M  90 VEEE  National Show RCH


Black with moon spots and frosted ears and nose. This doe is backed by excellent dairy genetics. We can't wait to see how this gal freshens come spring!


Old Mountain Farm Zip Shade

S: SG Old Mountain Farm NightShade  86 VVE

SS: SG Old Mountian Farm Cernunnos ++*B Elite

SD: CH Old Mountain Farm Browni' Dsuzn  90 VEEE

D: Old Mountain Farm Win Zip 2*M  90 VEEV

DS: GCH Dawnland Tabby's Halifax ++B  88VEE

DD: SG Twin Creeks AH Finale's Zip 1*M  86++EV


Chocolate and White. We are so happy to add a OMF Doe to our herd and can't wait to see her babies next spring. 'Zipper' is also one of our sweetest does.  


3 sons cmb Dixie mae


S: GCH Rosasharn PLW Call Methe Breeze *B  88VEE

SS: Rosasharn Prince Liteningwelk  +*B  89VEE

SD: Rosasharn SH Lyric 5*M

D: 5 Fold Farm HB  Ellie Mae

DS: SG Dill's B & R Hillybilly Bone +*B  90VEE

DD: SG TX Twincreeks B Pretty Pyro  88VE+E


Chocolate and white with frosting, Dixie has a promising young udder with great attachment, lovely teats and strong medial support. Dixie is a smaller doe but very dairy in her conformation. We hope to show her in the future! 

Heaven's hollow blueberry

S: Simple Pleasures Keene Bop

SS: Garden 'N Goat Rock N Java

SD: Simple Pleasures C Boston

D: CH Elmwood Sunflower's Gloriana  87 +EVV

DS: TX Twincreeks Cas Patronus*B  85 +VE

DD: GCH Elmwood Columbine's Sunflower 1*M  90 VEEE


Bezoar coat patter with roaning. Blueberry's udder is still young and developing but she has a very socked on attachment that we are very impressed with. Blueberry is also very long and dairy in confirmation and an excellent personality! 


Udder pics at

9 yrs young!

Bell trail hope

S: Heidi's Goat Farm Willie Wonka

SS: Good Measure Farm Columbus *S

SD: Crimson Streams Helga

D: Karo Sunflowers Holly

DS: Victorian Hill Wish is Granted

DD: Simple Pleasure Kricket


Buckskin with white. Hope was our very first goat and the backbone to the genetics in our herd. She is a lovely framed doe with nice depth of body and still milking like Holstein at her age! 

Bell trail brownie

S: Bell Trail Chocolate Chip

SS: RJR Miniatures Tuxedo

SD: Bell Trail Lil Speck

D: Bell Trail Hope

DS: Heidi's Goat Farm Willie Wonka

DD: Karo Sunflowers Holly


Solid Chocolate. Brownie was our second doe to add to our herd and is a daughter of Hope. Every year her udder improves tremendously. She has great upper attachment, medial support, and nice teats, not a lot we would change on the confirmation of her udder. 


Top Hat Farm q capella

S: Farm Oldesouth SR Sun Quasar *B

SS: Oldesouth Sun Ray + B

SD: SGCH NC Promisedland Sia Sunra 3*M  89VEVE

D: 1*M Top Hat Farm D Dealer Beware  87VVVV

DS: NC Promisedland Turbo Diesel +B

DD: Old Mountain Farm Royal Flush  88VVVE


Swiss with moonspots. Capella came to us in very poor condition, after months of management Capella is finally back up to weight and healthy! She has only freshened once before we obtained her, but her genetics speak for themselves! She's also an incredibly sweet soul! Can't wait to see some of her babies this fall! 


Farm Swiftwind Daphnie


S: Flat Rock's Ace of Spades

SS: Flat Rock's Expecto Patronum + B

SD: Flat Rock's Bianca

D: Farm Swiftwind Isabell

DS: Prairie Wood Great Gatsby

DD: Old Mountain Farm Tawnia Baker


Gold Cou Blanc. Daphnie is also another sweetheart of a goat with stellar genetics! She has great teat size and attachment. 

aw3 acres bell trail bunny

S: Bell Trail Bud

SS: RJR Minitures Tuxedo

SD: Karo Sunflowers Shyanne

D: Bell Trail Hope

DS: Heidi's Goat Farm Willie Wonka

DD: Karo Sunflowers Holly


Light buckskin. Another daughter of Hope and full sister to Belle Star we retained. While Bunny is not the friendliest of goats, she is an excellent mother and took right to the milk stand! She has nice upper attachment on her udder and we can't wait to see how she matures with her next freshening! 

karabbi farm Halo


S: Sunquest BCC Ajax  87VEV

SS: Camanna OMF Blue Camo Collage

SD: SG Old Mountain Farm Nyx 86VVVV

D: Bessemer Bend Dottie

DS: Sinai Thunder B Michelangelo *B

DD: Lil Bleats RC Pebbles for You  88VEEV


Black with heavy moonspotting

Day dreamin' dairy moonshine mary

S: Dreamer's Farm Imbrucealmighty

SS: Dreamer's Farm Chocolatebandit

SD: Prairie Wood SD Kricket

D: Snow Kissed SE Surfer Girl

DS: Blackwing SP Set 'Em on Fire *B

DD: Elmwood Hennessey's Petunia


Black with heavy silver and brown moonspots


FF Udder

Baumgartner acres Liberty


S: Flat Rock's Blue Chrome

SS: Flat Rock's Dobby

SD: Flat Rock's Mythril Silver

D: Elmwood Sunflower's Marigold

DS: Dill's H Remind Me *B

DD: GCH Elmwood Columbine's Sunflower 1*M  90VEEE




NRW Gate Then Sings my Song 2*M

S: High Hills Me Inclined 2 Praiz

SS: Tiny Angels OH Mega +B

SD: Tiny Angels a Jumpin for Joy 2*M

D: Mesquite Creek Farm Malarie 1*M

DS: Good Measure Farm Bridger

DD: Lost Valley KW Siri


Red and White, blue eyes, polled


AW3 Acres Dolly Parton


S: Penguin Acres Carlos

SS: Flat Rocks Max a Million

SD: Prairie Wood Antartica


D: Bell Trail Brownie
DS: Bell Trail Chocolate Chip
DD: Bell Trail Hope


Buckskin, white, frosting and blue eyes!